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Welcome to the RTA Home Page

Afghanistan Media

In late 2001 Radio Afghanistan returned to the air in Kabul after the Taleban deserted the capital. One of the first signs of change was the music broadcast over Radio Afghanistan for the first time in five years. Days later Kabul TV was back on the air, with a woman presenting.

Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) will be restructured to become a solid and reliable national communication system whose radio and television signals reach all corners of the country. By restructuring its current institutional framework, RTA’s institutional framework will therefore be transformed into a strong, independent and efficient Afghan National Public Service Broadcaster (ANPSB). RTA’s managerial, journalistic and technical skills will be improved and - by upgrading its reach, its infrastructure, its hardware and its software configuration – will be developed in such a way that signal propagation is sufficient to spread quality programmes over the entire national territory.